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SYS-ED's Microsoft Development platform training programs provide an integrated learning sequence for acquiring maintaining and updating client-server programs to .NET and developing the next generation of MS.NET and mobile device applications with both Microsoft software and hybrid development environments: Oracle and IBM proprietary software and OSS: Open Source Software.

SYS-ED's training programs are taught using multiple delivery medium: distance-learning, classroom instruction, and blended learning. In order to accommodate employee workloads and staff in remote geographic locations, component courses can be scheduled over non consecutive weeks combining distance-learning and classroom instruction. At the client's discretion, a record of completed tasks, validation assessment and final examination can be utilized. Educational consultancy topics, inclusive of project specifications also can be incorporated into the program.

Microsoft Development Platforms - Learning Paths

MS Application Development MS .NET MS Service Oriented Architecture - 1 MS Service Oriented Architecture - 2 MS SQL Server Mobile Device Programming 1

MS Client-Server Development Platforms

MS .NET Development Platform

MS Visual Basic Training Program

MS Visual C++ and MFC Training Program

MS VB.NET Training Program

MS C# Training Program

MS Visual Basic Programming Object Oriented Analysis and Design MS VB.NET: Programming MS C# .NET: Programming
MS Visual Basic Programming - Advanced MS Visual C++ Programming with MFC MS VB.NET: Programming - Advanced MS C# .NET: Programming - Advanced
MS Visual Basic and the Internet MS Visual C++ Programming with MFC: Advanced MS ASP.NET - Introduction MS ASP.NET - Introduction
MS Visual Basic ActiveX MS Visual C++: ODBC MS ASP.NET - Intermediate MS ASP.NET - Intermediate
MS Visual Basic: ODBC MS Visual C++: ActiveX MS ASP.NET - Advanced MS ASP.NET - Advanced
Visual Basic:
Advanced COM Programming
MS C# Migration MS .NET Solution Architectures:
Analyzing Requirements and Defining
MS .NET Solution Architectures:
Analyzing Requirements and Defining
MS VBA for Applications   MS VB.NET Migration MS C# Migration
MS VB.NET Migration      

Technology Exchange Websites

SYS-ED's websites compile, organize, and present software specific and established operational categorizations of information technology. They provide a framework for assessing knowledge transfer: web-based training, classroom instruction, courseware, learning paths, and validation assessment.

Footnote 1:
The lesson plan for the mobile device training program is developed from client-specific requirements: 1- mobile device operating system or web browser, 2- database, 3- web server or middleware platform 5- programming language, API,or development platform.

Footnote 2:
SYS-EDís core .NET curriculum is being prepared for submission to the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision for technical review and licensing.