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Q Can Windows Phone 7 devices multitask?
A Microsoft provides limited multitasking with Windows Phone 7 for Microsoft applications. Live tiles are part of the new UI and are updated in real time through notifications.

In the short term, third party applications will not have the comparable multitasking capabilities. Developers will be able to use notifications to emulate application multitasking.

As battery life, network utilization, and application stability improve for the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft will make more multitasking support available for all applications.

Q What development languages are supported on Windows Phone 7?

The Windows Phone 7 supports the C# and Visual Basic programming languages. In the fourth quarter 2010, Microsoft announced that developers will be able to create Silverlight MS Phone apps in Visual Basic and have them placed in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The Windows Phone Application Platform provides two frameworks for developing applications:

1. The Silverlight framework for event-driven, XAML-based application development that allows developers to develop creative markup-based user experiences and rich media applications.

2. The XNA Framework for loop-based games enables gaming and entertainment experiences.

MS Windows Phone 7.5 provides the capability to combine Silverlight and the XNA Framework into a single application.

Q What database support does MS Phone 7 provide?
A MS Windows Phone 7 includes the lightweight SQL Server Compact Edition. Previously, database options were limited to storing data in XML files, isolated storage, or third-party solutions.

CETi monitors, categorizes, and evaluates database software: http://www.computeredtech.com/shared/Database_Software_Market_and_Trends.asp

Q There have been problems in starting MS Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone. Performing a clean reinstall did not solve the problem.
A A common problem is related to the user privileges during and after installation. In order to address this issue, ensure that the installation is being performed while being logged on as an Administrator account and that the tools being used also have Administrator account privilege.

Q Errors and intermittent failures have occurred when deploying the MS mobile application to the emulator. Is this a common problem?

A common emulator failure is: "Connection failed because of invalid command-line arguments."

In many situations, this can be resolved by performing these steps:

1. If the tools have been installed, perform a reboot.

2. Set MS Visual Studio 2010 to launch as Administrator.

  • Log on as Administrator.

  • Right click on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, invoke Properties, and select the Compatibility tab and turn on the check box for "Run this program as an Administrator".

  • While logged on as Administrator, restart Visual Studio.

  • If the first two steps do not resolve the problem, then delete the .suo file and the project .user file.

3.Reopen and verify that the deployment works.

Q What occurs when a MS Phone application loses foreground execution?
A The application will receive a notification that it is being closed. The time allotted the application after the foreground is lost will probably not have been retained. The application will be started from the initial entry point. If state persistence is required, the application will require code logic to determine if a state was previously saved and the capability to restore that state.

Q Can Sockets be used for peer to peer communication?
A The Windows Phone 7 Series currently does not expose the Socket classes. The Silverlight version for MS phone is a subset of the Silverlight desktop classes.